E. Toledo school secretary saves little girl

McCarver shows the position in which she held the child to do the Heimlich maneuver.
McCarver shows the position in which she held the child to do the Heimlich maneuver.
By Tanieya Lewis - email | bio
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EAST TOLEDO (WTOL) - The Toledo Public School District is calling one of its secretaries a hero.

School was letting out when an office secretary heard a commotion out in the hallway. Within seconds, her training would be put to the ultimate test.

An east Toledo mom had just picked up her daughter from school when her toddler riding along showed signs of trouble.

LaShawn McCarver told News 11, "I heard someone say, 'There's a baby out here that's not breathing! She's not breathing!"

McCarver called 911. She found the baby on the foyer floor where someone else had tried CPR. But the little girl was turning blue, possibly choking on a piece of muffin.

So McCarver picked her up and began to perform a Heimlich technique, holding the baby face down in her forearm. "I just gave her a thrust on her back," she said.

Other staff comforted her mother. Operations Manager Barbara Heard-Walker said, "I had to turn her around and talk to her real calmly to get as much information as I possibly could. To try to console her and try to comfort her as much as possible because she was hysterical."

The principal cleared the hall, doing an 'all call' so no one came down the hallway.

Through the commotion, McCarver prayed, "'Lord, please just let this baby breathe. Please just let her breathe.' And then a couple of seconds later, I felt her chest. I felt her start to breathe."

Though she may have saved a young life, this secretary says she was only doing what she was trained to do. "I'm glad I was here at the that time. I'm glad I was here at that time."

Her co-workers say she's earned a new title. "Yeah, she's our shero!"