EcoTrack 11: Columbia Gas offers incentives to go green

By Chris Vickers - email | bio
Posted by LS

(WTOL) - Columbia Gas of Ohio is offering incentives aimed to reduce our carbon footprint and save money on utility bills, all by reducing energy consumption.

"Conserving energy doesn't require you to completely change your lifestyle. It can be easy." Chris Kozak of Columbia Gas says they have a plan and incentives to encourage people to give it a try. "We've created a program here called Energy Solutions to help people use less natural gas."

Natural gas is already one of the cleanest and safest burning fossil fuels, but using less still has an environmental benefit. "Savings, as far as the green aspect, is we're looking to save Ohioans, or save our carbon footprint of Ohio about 458,000 cubic tons of CO2 -- about the equivalent of removing 76,000 cars off Ohio roads for a year, which is a pretty substantial amount," Kozak said.

It's all part of the Energy Solutions program. Rebates are offered to make simple changes like installing energy efficient showerheads or programmable thermostats. Other ambitious goals stretch well into the future. "We've invested about $25 million over the next three years to create this program and create some additional programs," Kozak told News 11.

Those additional programs will include home energy audits, rebates for energy efficient products and programs to encourage building energy efficient homes.

Why do they do it? "This is the right thing to do. This is the way the economy and people are starting to focus," Kozak said, "Not only what's green and best for the environment, but what's best for my pocketbook as well. And I think this touches both of those."