Gov. Strickland talks to News 11 on education, stimulus

By Justin Michaels - email
Posted by LS

FINDLAY (WTOL) - Governor Ted Strickland was in Findlay to sell his education plan to the students and faculty. They welcomed him at Findlay High School. We'll have video of the full interview posted shortly.


Strickland took time to tour the school and use Findlay High as an example of his dedication to bettering education in Ohio.

"We don't want to just do more of what we're already doing, but we want to use those extra hours in the day, I hope, as well as that extended school year to do some things that we are not able to do with the current calendar," he said.

Strickland wants to add hours to the school day and add days to the school year. It's a tough sell to the students it will affect, but the governor says it's the only way to make Ohio's education system stronger. "The international average for a school year is 200 days, and it troubles me that we would settle for something less than most other countries are already doing."

Stimulus plan

Strickland also took time to talk with us about the economic stimulus plan. It is his office's job to disburse the $8.2 billion of federal stimulus money. "We're going to do it very carefully, in a transparent way. It will be very open."

Thousands of requests for funds have been sent to the governor's office. So the governor is aware and clear when he says not everyone will be helped. He did, however, look positively on the solar industry in this part of the state. "I will be a cheerleader for these companies that are trying to make Ohio, and especially northwest Ohio, the Silicon Valley of renewable energy sources."

Strickland said the money will go to the projects that will create long term jobs for Ohioans.

You can see the full list of projects on Mayor Carty Finkbeiner's wish list for stimulus money.