Your Day Wednesday, February 25

Monica Seles: We talked with the tennis legend about why the USTA is launching "Tennis Night in America," a unified tennis industry initiative to get more kids playing the sport. Click here for more information.

Mary Lou Retton: We talked with the Olympian about some real-life tips she uses to help keep her family organized. She offered these tips:

Organize Homework Time: Create an area in the home for homework with a work area for each child. Make sure all distractions are eliminated and plan a time for each child to do his/her homework depending on schedules.

  • Gear Closet: Establish a closet or an area for after-school gear - whether for the gymnast or basketball player. This helps everyone get to activities without mom running around at the last minute trying to locate much needed equipment.
  • Stock the Freezer: Keep the freezer stocked with a variety of substantial, great tasting snacks for after school. This way, no matter what curve is thrown your way, you're prepared to keep your family's hunger satisfied until dinnertime.
  • Schedule Schmedule: Make sure to schedule time for your family in between all of the planned activities - don't get caught in the trap of over-scheduling your family. And, every once in a while forget your schedule and have a free day with the family.
  • End of Day: Use the end of the day to tie up loose ends and to get organized for the next day - have your children help you out by setting out their clothes for the next day. By getting little chores done before you go to bed, you'll sleep more soundly and the morning rush will be a little smoother.

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