City employee in hot water over personal phone calls

By Rob Wiercinski - email | bio

TOLEDO (WTOL) - An employee of the City of Toledo finds herself in hot water, accused of wasting a lot of time on the job.

Doris Levesque faced a disciplinary hearing earlier this week. She's an employee at the Water Distribution Department. The hearing was over wasting taxpayer money on the phone by making an exorbitatnt number of personal phone calls.

Levesque is a senior tapping clerk, and recorded calls on her work phone obtained by News 11 reveal how she's been spending some of her time on the job.

On January 12 was a 5-minute call. "Hi Jim. This is Doris Levesque. Calling about the Hummer, right? Yes, yes, but I was looking through my loan documentation I don't think that's going to work." That was just one of 31 personal phone calls made at work on that one day.

Three days later, Doris was recorded calling an employee at Lucas County Job and Family Services to do a little digging on someone. That same day, Doris placed a 47-minute personal call. "Hello, hello, what's up? Hey girl. What's this about you? Oh girl, it's all good."

Leveque faces numerous disciplinary charges from the city, including abuse of city time. What action is taken against her will be known within 10 days.