Carty goes to Columbus for stimulus funds

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TOLEDO (WTOL) - Mayor Finkbeiner is on his way to the state capital to pitch for Toledo's share of stimulus money.

Mayor Carty Finkbeiner will be in Columbus Wednesday, February 25 to discuss how federal funds will be distributed.

Finkbeiner says Governor Strickland is the one who controls Ohio's share of the money. He hopes Toledo gets enough cash to complete 80 different improvement projects from bridge and road repairs to green and renewable energy projects.

Ohio will receive $8.2 billion from the feds. So far, there have been over 7400 requests from agencies and communities for the money.

So what is Toledo requesting?

The city is hoping to receive $395 million for projects that would create just over 2900 jobs. They're broken up into various categories such as block grants, energy, public safety and infrastructure.

Engineering Commissioner Don Moline said his big priority is resurfacing streets like Secor Rd. and improving the storm sewer system by draining Delaware Creek and Williams Ditch.

The biggest project on Toledo's wish list is $75 million for an alternative energy center at the University of Toledo Scott Park Campus.

There are many more requests than funds available

"Obviously, there's lots of competition for the stimulus dollars. The losers will outnumber the winners. That's why the pitch for the money is important, said Paul Toth with the Toledo Lucas County Port Authority. He explains the pitches are broken up into various catagories such as block grants, energy, public safety and infrastrucfture.

The port authority is shooting for money to build docks for BAX at Toledo Express Airport, infrasturcture at the Ironville Docks and improvements to the Ironhead Shipyard to make it more competitive.

There is no word from the state yet on when the recipeints of the stumulus funds will be announced.