Mice and roaches have taken over her house -- graphic enough for you?

SOUTH TOLEDO (WTOL) - It may seem strange to see a bed in a living room, but, actually, because of the problems in the rest of the house, that's the only room Beverly Alger feels comfortable sleeping in.

The thing is, there are roaches all over the place. And -- yuk -- mice.

There's also a honking huge plumbing problem in the form of water leaking under the sink.

But the biggest problem seems to be that the family living in the house doesn't know the identity of the landlord.

Could be a problem, right?

"We haven't seen the landlord, heard form the landlord ... in about 10 months," Alger said.

Mika got the Lucas County Health Dept. on board and they've issued conditions to the landlord, who has until early March to comply.