Local higher education institutions team up to recruit students

Reported by Dick Berry email
Posted by Kate Oatis email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - A partnership among the University of Toledo (UT), Owens Community College (OCC) and Toledo Public Schools (TPS) Board of Education has been created to help TPS students succeed.

"In the current economic situation, education is the only way out of this mess," said Dr. Lloyd Jacobs, University of Toledo president.

The group hopes to expose students to UT and OCC as a way to familiarize them with local educational resources.

"The Owens Success and UT Guarantee programs are two examples of what's taken place recently," said John Foley, TPS superintendent.

Indeed, the partnership is just the beginning for things such as scholarship, tuition and placement programs.

"Any time students are ready for college, it helps to recruit them," said Dr. Christa Adams, Owens Community College president.

Actually, partnerships between higher education and school districts are being formed across the State. The Strickland administration hopes to see college enrollment increase in the coming years by 230,000 students.

The three members of the collaborative are also discussing establishing an education czar.