Lucas County adopts living wage policy

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LUCAS COUNTY (WTOL) - Lucas County now has a living wage policy.

The commissioners approved a policy on Tuesday, February 24 to require companies receiving contracts over $10,000 with the county, or companies receiving economic development incentives to offer the following wage:

  • With health insurance benefits, workers must be paid $11.66 an hour.
  • Without health benefits, workers must be paid $13.78 an hour.

The policy does not apply to companies with 25 or fewer employees or non-profit employers.

This is a policy that Commissioner Ben Konop has been working on for some time. "To me, a bid is best when people who are going to work for taxpayer dollars earn enough money so they're above the poverty line and they feed and cloth their family," Konop told News 11.

In other news, the commissioners appointed 11 members to the new Lucas County Dog Warden Advisory Committee to provide advice and oversight to the dog warden's office.