City income tax; Suspension over school project

Toledo Income tax

Mayor Carty Finkbeiner's latest attempt to plug a massive budget hole includes a tax increase for people who live within city limits but work outside of Toledo. The income tax would go from a 100 percent tax credit to just 50 percent.

The income tax proposal applies to about 19,000 city residents. The mayor says it will raise about $5 million.

Should city council approve the change? Is $5 million enough to justify making Toledo residents pay even more taxes in an already hard time? Is the right way to plug the budget hole?

Suspension over school project

Two Texas middle school students were suspended over a class project about making good decisions. The pair did a project to explain the effects of drugs, using household items to show what the drugs look like.

They used real over-the-counter medication to represent LSD. The district's code of conduct prohibits bringing "look alike" drugs to school, so the pair were suspended.

Do you agree with the district's decision?

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