Wildlife fared well after Cygnet oil spill

By Colleen Wells - email | bio
Posted by LS

Wood County (WTOL) - Crews continue to battle oil that's still drifting along Rocky Ford Creek.

Although the spill is contained, the work is ongoing. Cold temperatures are leading to ice build-ups along some of the booms. It's bending the gear and making it more difficult to suck up the oil.

While mother nature is making for rough going during the clean-up, she's helped when it comes to wild life. "The time of the year that it occurred played a big part, I think, in not having, so far, any animals that we've found to be dead," said Marty Baer with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR).

Many animals are inactive this time of year. So, who is in danger? Baer says water fowl such as geese and ducks are in the most danger. "Water fowl stay on top of the water. Oil stays on top of the water. It can get on their feathers. Their natural ability to protect themselves from the water, from the elements would be compromised from the oil." That means they couldn't fly or eat.

ODNR will continue to check on wildlife along the spill as crews continue to clean up. That's a project that could take some time, especially if mother nature throws in more ice and snow.