Upset with the stimulus? Bob Latta is listening

By Dick Berry - email
Posted by LS

WATERVILLE (WTOL) - Got a gripe with the big federal bureaucracy in Washington D.C. and how your tax dollars are spent? One local congressman is listening, and you can tell him face-to-face.

"Everybody is in debt and want to spend and borrow a whole lot more money," said Waterville resident Bruce Meyer. He isn't a fan of President Obama's $787 billion economic stimulus bill.

The guy he's complaining to agrees with him. Republican Congressman Bob Latta voted against the bill. "Republicans didn't have any input on it coming out of the House. Democrats put the bill together and sent it over to the Senate. There's the problem," he said.

Meyer said, "I'm not so sure that all the money is being spent in the proper areas. I think there's a lot of pork involved in this."

That's what Congressman Latta is hearing about the stimulus package in Waterville and across northwest Ohio. He's been putting a lot of miles on his car recently. Latta is stopping in all the counties in his district and meeting one on one with constituents on what's being called The Courthouse Conference Tour.

He's completed the first leg of this tour with seven stops already. An additional eight stops will be announced soon.

There are other issues too, but the stimulus package is what has people riled up.

Latta and Meyer also think Obama needs to be more positive about the country's economic future instead of telling Americans the worst is yet to come. They said it puts people in panic mode, afraid to spend money, even if they have it.

If you would like to contact Bob Latta's office, you can call their toll free number 1-800-541-6446.