I've got roaches so bad, they're crawling on me

By Mika Highsmith - email

(WTOL) - They're taking over the house, but she's the one paying rent. One Toledo woman wants the roaches out of her Greenbelt place.

It's supposed to be Denise Craig's home, but look who's taken over. "There's a lot of roaches here. A lot," she tells us.

Were talking dead ones, which is disgusting as it is. But they're even worse alive.

"They're gross. I can't cook," she tells us. She says they are in the kitchen, even when there's no food around.

We walked over to the pantry which is bare, and there were baby roaches on the doors and full grown roaches all over the walls. They are right under your feet, making it nearly impossible to escape. Especially for Craig, who is in a wheelchair and has a hard time getting around. "I sit in this chair, and they just climb, crawl all on me." Obviously, this is no way to live, which is why she's tried to resolve it through management. As you can see, the problem still exists.

Craig said, "It's really disgusting that a person would have to go through something like this. She added, "I'm tired, and I need help. They said 'Call you guys, and you'll do it.' I need help."

The Problem Solver, Mika Highsmith spoke with the manager in charge of the apartments. He says they spray every other day and they have pest control come in twice a month.

That's obviously not working, so they're going to go in and bomb every single apartment on the bottom floor. Of course, she'll keep you updated.