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Toledo's wish list for stimulus money

By Rob Wiercinski - email | bio

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TOLEDO (WTOL) - Local leaders are coming together to organize a plan for tapping into the Obama stimulus package.

One of the targeted projects can be found at the corner of 10th and Jackson at the former Lucas County CSI building.

It's been on the drawing board for a couple of years, having several of the downtown governmental buildings using one power source. Soon, a project using portions of the former CSI building could be getting off the ground.

Commissioner Pete Gerken tells News 11, "We put together a plan for a central power plant that would tie in all the buildings, have a renewable source of fuel, so we're not tied to natural gas and this project's ready to go."

Up until now, the only obstacle has been $15 to 20 million in funding, but Commissioner Gerken says they're hoping to receive Obama stimulus money. "What they're asking for are projects that are ready projects, that are signature projects, that use renewable energy. We have all of that right here."

It's just one of many proposals on a list being sent to the governor's office to prioritize which local projects should receive stimulus funding. Gerken explains, "It's a list that's consensus with the major players, city, county, the university, the zoo... This project is on that list."

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