Stainbrook crying 'foul!' over termination

LUCAS COUNTY (WTOL) - The local Republican party is crying foul after a recent move by the Lucas County Board of Elections.

This morning Jon Stainbrook confronted board chair Pat Kriner over the recent termination of a
Republican supervisor at the board of elections.

Kriner says the action was the result of restructuring in the office. But Stainbrook doesn't believe the explanation.

"When we restructured, we found a need for more IT specialties and less need for management areas so we restructured. The management position was eliminated," Kriner said.

Stainbrook isn't buying it.

"And if this is going on with personnel issues, who knows what went on with the election and people's ballots and that's what scares me," he said.

Stainbrook wants to know why the Democrat supervisor is still on the job without a Republican counterpart.