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Crews still battling oil spill in Wood County

(WTOL) - An update on the Mid-Valley Pipeline oil spill in Wood County. The pipeline, managed by Sunoco, started to leak crude oil on Wednesday, just south of Cygnet. It has stretched some 12 miles up the Portage River.

Crews continue to battle the spill, although WTOL is told the pipeline is once again working.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources says no animals have been harmed by the oil spill.

Wood County pipeline leak causes major oil spill

Feb 19, 2009 08:28 AM EST

Report by Dick Berry - email

CYGNET (WTOL) - Wood County officials are telling us that this is the worst environmental disaster there in 20 years.

It's all happening because of a leak at a pump station that is polluting the Rocky Ford River. 

Thousands of gallons of crude oil poured into the Rocky Ford River in Cygnet. It began Wednesday night, and by Thursday morning, a massive clean-up effort was underway.

Booms were set up as an effort to contain the slimy mess. "This is one of the worst environmental disasters I've seen in Wood County in 20 years," said Brad Espen with the Wood County Health Department.

The spill originated from the Mid-Valley Pipeline managed by Sunoco. In a statement, Sunoco says the line, which carries 142,000 barrels of crude oil daily, has been shut down.

The spill turned out to be much worse than expected. "We got initial notification last night. Initially it was a small leak. They were containing it. This morning, it seemed to have grown into a larger situation," said Wood County EMA Director Brad Gilbert.

Federal and state environmental officials are on the scene. Folks say there have been no major issues with mid-valley. Cygnet Mayor Nancy Myers told News 11, "As far as I know -- I've lived here all my life -- never had anything like this. They usually are very well contained whenever they have anything small. I think something has happened big, and they have to handle it."

The cause of the spill is under investigation. There is no word on how soon before it will be contained.

The Rocky Ford River runs into the Portage River which flows to Lake Erie. Communities along the way have been notified and some water samples will be taken.

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