Couples and credit-card debt, huge beer tax

Couples and credit-card debt

According to, would-be lovers would rather talk about their age, weight or love life than credit card debt. In the new movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic, love is confounded by a mountain of debt.

How much does debt matter when looking for love? Would you pass on someone because they bring a financial black hole to the relationship? How much is too much credit debt?

Beer tax

Oregon's government is thinking about drastically increasing the state beer tax. The state tax on beer is less than a penny a glass, and hasn't been raised in three decades. One state representative wants to raise the tax on a 12-ounce glass of beer to 15 cents. The tax would reportedly go to drug and alcohol abuse prevention and treatment. One local brewer says, by the time each middleman raises prices accordingly, the cost of a pint would go from $4 to $5.50.

Should the beer tax be raised? If so, is alcohol treatment the right place for money to go?

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