A-Rod possible steroid use; hacking into construction signs

A-Rod possible steroid use

Sports Illustrated (SI) claims New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids in 2003. In a 2006 interview with Katie Couric, Rodriguez claimed he had never taken steroids. SI claims it has five different sources revealing the same results.

The 2003 tests happened when Major League Baseball didn't have any rules about steroids, and the idea of testing players was just introduced. Those results were supposed to be confidential.

Does a test from 2003, when A-Rod won the home run title and league MVP matter anymore? Is this just another black mark on baseball's drug record?

Hacking into road signs, courtesy of the Internet

A web site is giving out instructions on how to put your own messages on construction signals. One sign was hacked into and warned people about zombies in Illinois. In Texas, there was a warning that the British were coming.

The site owners say they have no plans to take down the information, but it does urge people not to change messages. Authorities in the different areas say they don't know who's responsible for the messages.

Do you think the web site should be taken down?  Are the messages a harmless prank?

Weekend ice rescue

Should the people caught on the ice pay for their rescue? Is there a way to prevent something like that from happening again?

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