Cancer Cluster: Clyde finally seeing some action on cancer triggers

Reported by Jonathan Walsh email
Posted by Kate Oatis email

CLYDE (WTOL) - At a meeting in Clyde on Tuesday, the Ohio EPA revealed how it's monitoring the air in the areas where 20 children have been diagnosed with cancer.

That's good new for residents.

"I'm very glad because they need to find out what's going on," said 15-year-old Tyler Smith, who is, along with her brother Tanner, part of the cancer study. "They need to find out what it is because it makes me upset to find out kids that have it and they're little or big like my age. It's just heartbreaking."

Tyler and others admit they're frustrated it has taken so long to get to this point.

"For the families that have been affected, it's unfortunately too little too late, but it may prove to be something that prevents some other child from becoming ill," said Warren Brown, father of Alexa who's also in the study.

EPA reps admit it will take a year to gather the air information, but they assured residents it's important the testing be done methodically.

"We are looking at the information in a scientific manner so that when we gather that data we can have confidence that what we're bringing back to the community is quality work," said Shannon Nabors, district chief for the Ohio EPA.

The EPA had nothing but praise for the community's cooperation, even saying some of the anonymous tips have generated leads.