Local tot fighting rare tumors with risky procedure

By Tanieya Lewis - email

(WTOL) - She's only three years old, but her parents say a rare tumor is eating Briahna Schweer alive.

As cute and cuddly as the puppies she plays with, this little girl is also a fighter. By age 3, Briahna has had a blood transfusion, a bone-marrow biopsy and a host of other medical procedures.

Now her family is gearing up for a fundraiser to pay for a risky procedure that could save her life. "Everyone is scared. No one wants to think about losing her, said Brina's mom, Tricia Schweer.

Her father, Brian Schweer says she's fighting off a pseudotumor that has attached itself to most of her vital organs and is feeding on her blood cells. If it is allowed to grow, she will not survive.

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