Get my sax back

By Mika Highsmith - email | bio

WEST TOLEDO (WTOL) - She took it in for service, but she's not sure wether or not it's been touched. That's because Camille Meyers hasn't seen the saxophone she dropped of at Richards Music since September.

Meyers has been going in to the music store for the last month hoping to pick up her saxophone. Each time, she comes out empty-handed and drives off knowing she'll have to return all the way from Wauseon. "I'm wasting my time and my gas," she said.

When she dropped it off back in September, Myers says they told her it would take 2-3 months. She doesn't know if they're waiting for a part or what. All she has is a work order. "It's four months since the day I turned it in."

All she wanted was general maintenance including cleaning and tuning. Then she gave up on that. "I went in to the store. I told them, 'Since you didn't hold our agreement, I want my sax back even its fits in pieces.' They said it was not possible."

Problem Solver Mika Highsmith says we have received eight other calls with similar issues at the same store.

So what's the holdup? According to the manager, their rental instruments get repaired first. All others are on the back burner. That's why the promise times are so widespread. He said the one technician they have has been out sick, so he's been running behind. Though he says the instrument will be done in 24 hours.

If you're concerned about your instrument, call the store. If that doesn't work, give Mika a call.