Thieves hit Boy Scout trailer full of gear

Reported by Colleen Wells email | bio
Posted by Kate Oatis email

BOWLING GREEN (WTOL) - A trailer full of Boy Scout camping gear has been stolen from the St. Mark's Lutheran Church parking lot in Bowling Green.

Troop 345 is pleading with the thieves who stole the trailer, which is full of tents, stoves and cooking gear.

"Camping gear is not cheap, and trailers are not cheap anymore," said Scout Master Rich Shedron, who found out about the theft Wednesday.

A man who lives close by had found some of the boy scout's gear spread across a field. That Good Samaritan returned what he found, including tables, signs and poles, which are now locked up.

But Shedron says the troop is still out thousands of dollars.

"I guess times are hard, if they wanted to steal something from a church, across from a school and then cart it off," Shedron said.

If the trailer is not found, the boys will have to hold fundraisers to buy a new one -- and new gear.

If you've seen the missing trailer, please call Bowling Green Police Dept. at 419-352-1131.