Findlay girl foils man's attempt to abduct her, she says

Reported by Jonathan Walsh email | bio
Posted by Kate Oatis email

FINDLAY (WTOL) - A Findlay girl says she was approached Tuesday afternoon by a man wearing a ski mask who tried to get her into his truck.

The girl's mother says her daughter is doing better but is still shaken up.

It happened near Glenwood Middle School on North Main St. The 14-year-old was just a couple blocks from school walking in an alley when she says a man in an older pickup truck tried to get her into the truck. She quickly ran away and got safely to the school.

Paulicia Kelly, 14, says she's friends with the girl. She says not too long ago she, too, was walking to school when a man pulled up and tried to get her into the car.

"I was just scared, but I thought if I hurry up and get to Central I'll have grown-ups around me, and I'll be fine," Paulicia said.

School leaders have informed parents of this recent attempt and sent tips on how to help kids stay safe.

The community is more aware, too. Shelly Thines lives next door to Glenwood Middle School and says she's going to keep a closer eye on the students now.

"I will be watching. I walk out on my back porch all the time and I will be watching the kids," Thines said.

With the predator still out there, parents are encouraged to talk to their kids. Paulicia has some advice: "Just keep walking and if they get out of the car, start yelling and try to get some help."