EcoTrack 11: 'Green' cars at the Toledo auto show

By Chris Vickers - email | bio

TOLEDO (WTOL) - The auto show is also showcasing a variety of green technology. From increased fuel efficiency to hybrids and crossovers, the auto industry is building green machines for a drive into the future.

"Today is the new frontier with environmentally friendly cars, and the future looks bright. Ford, much like the other auto makers, continues to push forward with green ideas," said Ford Spokesperson Megan McRae.

McRae tells News 11, "Our regular Fusion (gasoline powered) gets 33 mpg on the highway, and we have our hybrid Fusion that gets 41 mpg in the city. It's the most fuel-efficient, mid-sized vehicle in America."

Fuel efficiency alone does not make a car eco-friendly. It's the technology, such as eco boost to improve engine efficiency, which is set to roll out this summer. "Eco Boost uses direct injection and turbo charging technology that you would normally see in race cars and things like that. It's just improving your basic gasoline engine. So it's going to improve fuel economy by 20% and decrease emissions by 15%," said McRae.

The products that go into making the cars also have the environment in mind, even down to the seat you sit on. "A lot of our vehicles come with soy foam seats, so that's made from soy oil instead of from petroleum based foam. A lot of our cloth seats are now made with 100% recyclable materials."

The Ford Fusion hybrid can also judge how green your driving. McRae told us, "That's kind of our eco-driving gauge... The more leaves you grow on that, the more fuel efficient you're driving. When you drive more aggressively, the leaves will fall off."

But that is something that may be left in the breeze of the 2010 Mustang.