Aunt talks of two children who died in E. Toledo fire

By Colleen Wells - email | bio
Posted by LS - email

EAST TOLEDO (WTOL) - We're learning more about the two young children who died Wednesday, January 21 in an east Toledo blaze.

The flames broke out early in the morning at a home on White Street. We spoke with family members the next day.

"She was hoping they would jump out the window, but they never came." Brenda McKitric held back tears when talking about her niece and nephew after fire broke out in their home.

She said their mother tried to get them out. "She tried to put the fire out, but she couldn't. She tried to get them out, but she couldn't."

McKitric told us, "I think they were just too scared... too scared to jump."

McKitric says the tragedy doesn't stop there. Apparently their mother had just filed for life insurance for the kids, but that it wouldn't go into effect until March. Now, the family is left to deal with this terrible loss of two young lives.

"What's she saying right now? She wants to hold her babies one last time, only she can't," McKitric said of their mother.

Fund for the family

A fund has been set up at Woodforest Bank (located inside WalMart stores) under the name Ida Hartfield Fund.

Funeral services have not yet been announced.