Meeting a food budget's easier with help of local program

Reported by Lauren Lowrey emailbio

Posted by Kate Oatis email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Every dollar counts when you're living on a budget, and no matter how many coupons you clip, food is still expensive. Now, there's relief for families all over Northwest Ohio, thanks to a program called Great Food for All.

Sara Page is a single mom who's been in and out of the hospital for the last two years.

"I've been off work. I was doing the math, and I think it's been 16 months out of the last 28, and it's just been horrible for us," Page said, referring to her financial situation.

Page's inability to work has forced her to look for creative ways to save. One of those ways is Great Food for All, which provides about $70 worth of frozen foods every month for just $30, and anyone -- regardless of income -- can take part in it.

"We get chicken thighs, banquet meals, and vegetables," said Pam Casper, who coordinates the program through her church.

Once a month, Great Food for All puts out a menu, and anyone who wants to order the basic box pays just $30. There's no membership fee and there are no requirements to buy. If you don't need the food, you don't order.

There's also an opportunity for add-ons: a kids box for $18, a dessert lovers box for $22 dollars and even a grill box with steaks and burgers for $25.

"It's just a really wonderful program that everyone should take advantage of in these economic times," Caspar said. "Spread the word, tell your family, tell your friends, find someone who's hosting, and place your first order and see whether you like it."

Page said she really appreciates the program.

"I have to say, I'm saving about $100 a month, if not more, because I don't have to buy the side dishes. I can just buy meats and have the add-ons to go with everything," Page said.