School still in session at -15 degrees

Dick Berry - email

OTTAWA HILLS (WTOL) - It was just another day of school for the kids at Ottawa Hills Elementary. Except for one thing, the temperature is sub-zero--the wind chill brutal.

Cold weather closed many school districts. Ottawa Hills High School, for example, did too because of parent teacher conferences. Elementary students here think they deserve a break too.

"All the other top ten schools closed around the area. It think it's pathetic," Student Matt Gargas told us.

Others can deal with it. "I love going to school. The weather doesn't bother me," another student said.

The Ottawa Hills school district is different because it's a small community and has no bus fleet. Most of the kids are dropped off by parents -- parents who didn't seem to mind the school holding classes. "I think it's ok as long as we keep them nice and warm," one parent told us.

Another parent said, "It's awfully cold. I wouldn't have let him walk to school today."

But David Smihalski walks there everyday. He thought the school should have closed too. Though he adds, "It's not that bad. It's cold, but you get used to it."

The kids at Ottawa Hills Elementary School have Monday to look forward to. No classes that day because of the King holiday.