No heat and turning to the problem solvers

By Mika Highsmith - email | bio

OLD WEST END (WTOL) - With temperatures this low, most people are just bundling in and staying in their homes. But what if you don't have heat?

That's the dilemma facing some tenants at an apartment complex in the Old West End.

The thermostat is cranked all the way up. But you can take the vent all the way off, and you won't feel anything coming out. That's because heat isn't flowing inside the apartment.

For the last couple of weeks, this Call 11 for Action viewer, who'd rather remain anonymous, has been using alternative methods just to stay warm.

The viewer is relying on a space heater to heat his bedroom and turning up the heat in the front room with this gas stove. That sparks a serious safety concern because it's obviously not the smartest method.

So we contacted management. They say they are aware of the situation and have been working on it. In fact, they even called the health department out and were told the apartment was warm enough.

Due to our involvement, maintenance is back on the scene working to fix the problem