Just what factors decide to cancel school or not

By Tanieya Lewis - email | bio

EASTWOOD (WTOL) - The dangerous conditions meant early dismissal for a lot of area schools. In these cases districts are forced to balance safety and schooling. Often times, the choice to close school comes down to a gut feeling, to put safety first.

Kids at Luckey Elementary felt like luck was on their side. They got to leave school a little early.

Eastwood schools decided a full day of class wasn't worth the risk. The kids are glad to be going home. One of the parents said, "I was at work and got the call over my cell phone from the school system. I got out of work to get the boys."

The superintendent says the decision came down in the middle of the school day when he noticed the snowy conditions quickly turning dangerous. The snow began blowing sideways and the rural roads that surround the schools were icing over.

This parent agrees to put safety first. "Smart decision. Very smart. Keeps the kids safe and gets them home. That way all the parents know where they're at."

Parent James Reynolds said, "We've had some problems on the country roads, so I think it was the right decision."

Student Alexis Smith was dismissed early. "My bus almost drove into a ditch a couple of days ago. I know that my friend's bus has driven into a ditch a couple of times."

That's why some parents are wondering why the district didn't call a snow day and cancel classes altogether.

Sarah Ward came to pick up her daughter when school let out early. "I thought that the outlying roads in the rural community were bad enough that they would have."

Superintendent of Eastwood Schools Brent Welker told News 11, "There were patches that were not great. There were patches that were dry road. A lot of our main roads were in pretty good shape, so we decided we were going to go ahead and make an attempt to have a school day."

As for tomorrow, the district will have to decide all over again.