Ice damming a problem for homes and homeowners

Reported by Tim Miller email | bio
Posted by Kate Oatis email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Ice damming is threatening some local homes.

Any home with icicles hanging off the roof might have the problem. The icicles are a sign that insulation in the attic is not up to par.

Michiale Schneider woke up Saturday morning to water leaking inside her west Toledo home. A long crack in the wall shows the water was seeping into her kitchen and onto her countertops.

"It's scary, too, because you don't know -- is the water coming in here or is it somewhere else? You don't know," Schneider said.

She hadn't heard of ice damming, but that was the diagnosis from Seagate Roofing. Because of poor insulation in her attic, heat was escaping onto the roof, and melting the snow and ice from last weekend's storm. Since the gutters were full of ice, the water had nowhere to go.

"It refreezes when it gets cold and then more comes down. It starts backing up, and what it does, it backs up under the shingles and as soon as it gets over where the warm wall is in the house, it starts leaking," said Tom Elder with Seagate Roofting.

To fix Schneider's problem, they had to open the flow of water in the gutters.

"I hope that nobody else has it but if they do they they need to address it right away and make sure that they get somebody out there," Schneider said.

Seagate Roofing had at least 15 other calls for ice damming on Tuesday and expect to stay busy.