Get help? I can't even get an appointment

By Mika Highsmith - email

(WTOL) - Take a look inside Tanika Nichols's life. She's a single mother that has been out of work for the past six months. For the last month, she's been trying to get a walk-in appointment at Lucas County Job and Family Services.

'I missed my appointment. They were supposed to have been adjusting my food stamps," Nichols said. It's a task that has proven to be even tougher then her daily struggle. "They keep turning me down."

"Every Thursday, I'd go faithfully, and they still sent me home after sitting hours," says Nichols.

It's not all about the handout. Nichols says she's been seeking employment, "Just looking for minimum wage... something." That's another losing battle bringing her spirits down even further.

The only thing that keeps her going is her bundle of joy who puts a smile of her face and pushes her to move forward.

Mika called and spoke with the department head and was able to get Nichols an appointment. That's good news because she doesn't have any time to play with.

If you're in the same boat, call Lucas County Job and Family Services at 419 213 8306.