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Petition drive coming against red light/speeding cameras

By Dick Berry - email

Posted by LS - email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - If you've been caught on camera in Toledo running a red light or speeding, you may have a way to get even.

They say pictures don't lie. Get caught blowing through one: you get nailed with a $120 ticket.

But a Cincinnati-based group called COAST hopes to ban them in Toledo.

COAST will launch a petition drive next week to place a charter amendment before Toledo voters on the November ballot banning the cameras.

The group claims it's just another example of government interfering in our lives, and some folks we talked to at Paneras agree. "The camera itself is something that's taking away from citizen rights," one customer told us.

Another said, "It doesn't matter who's driving the car. Could be someone you lent your car to that day. Still get a ticket on your license."

This is the second time COAST has fought the red light cameras. Last year, a similar petition drive and vote was successful in Cincinnati.

Nobody from Toledo police, including Chief Mike Navarre, would talk to us about the petition drive. Retired Sgt. Richard B. Murphy did. He says it's "just another tool for law enforcement to prevent accidents and slow people down." Murphy adds, "Instead of having a policeman at every intersection or intersection with high volume accidents, you can't afford that. So you go to this."

Red light and speeding cameras may be a thing of the past if one group can convince enough voters it's not a good idea to always have somebody watching you.

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