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Update on city vs. city union workers and massive layoffs

By Rob Wiercinski - email | bio

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TOLEDO (WTOL) - Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner recently challenged union leaders to help ease the budget pains for the city, but one union leader says the mayor is to blame for turning a deaf ear to his savings plan.

Last week, Toledo's mayor moved ahead with plans to indefinitely lay off 1,000 city workers beginning the middle of February. Local 2058 President Alan Cox says that plan will not help the city's operating budget as it's being portrayed. "When only 19 percent of our membership is in the general fund, laying off all of us or 95 percent of us doesn't do very much at all for the general fund," he told News 11.

Cox says he's frustrated because he submitted a concessions proposal to the mayor last month, calling for 2058 members to have one or two hours of pay taken out of each pay period. "Two hours gets them 56 hours during the year they've saved. That's more than what the mayor's proposing in his furloughs."

According to Cox, it's a plan that's fair to city taxpayers. "We are going to maintain services constantly. There's not going to be one week shutdowns of 60 percent of city services."

For Cox, the mayor needs to start thinking of city employees as partners, rather than mere servants. "And yet, we are the ones who really know what's going on. My admin specs do know where the money is going. They know when tranfers don't get made and why things might be out of whack."

This criticism comes as 850 members of AFSCME Local 7 will vote on Thursday on a new contract offer. Last month, Local 7 shot down a 3-year offer from the city.

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