'Annoying' fines; Marital name options

Fines for being annoying

You can now be fined for being annoying in Brighton, Michigan. Anyone inside city limits is subject to an annoyance fine of $100 for seriously annoying someone without serving any purpose.

Should it be a law, or is this the government going too far?

Marital name options

The Name Equality Act allows couples getting married in California to create new last names.

Brides and grooms can now:

  • Take either spouse's current last name.
  • Take either spouse's birth name.
  • Create a hyphenated combination of the last two last names.
  • Create a new name using a segment of both spouse's last names as long as at least two letters are used and the order of the letters isn't changed.

Should the name act be extended across the U.S.? Can it be abused and just allow couples to create silly last names?

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