A TARTA bus smashed my car

Report by Mika Highsmith - email | bio

TOLEDO (WTOL) - It's supposed to be on the road but it's out of commission. We're talking about a car that's sitting in the back of a home on the 600 block of west Central.

It was hit by a TARTA bus, and the owner is turning to Problem Solver Mika Highsmith looking for justice.

"He was driving my car, and there was snow on the hood of the car. It blew up on to the windshield, says Latonia Walker. She's referring to her boyfriend Raymond, who was in her vehicle in the same parked position when it was hit.

"He pulled over to brush snow off," she says.

Walker says her car was hit by a TARTA bus on Collingwood about a week ago. Check out the damage. Walker says the bus hit the car and dragged it, basically sideswiping it from the rear of the driver's side all the way up to the front of the driver's side. It smashed the door handle, so she can't get in. Even if she could, she can't drive it because the front wheel now wobbles.

The worst part is that the bus driver was cited. Latonia says it wasn't her boyfriend's fault, but she's the one paying for it while being left without transportation. "They haven't given me any information, and I have a police report that says their driver was cited."

Mika spoke with the general manager of TARTA who she had to call at home due to holidays. He says this would be taken care of, and the only reason it hasn't been is probably because of vacations.