Oregon farmer talks of deadly fire

Ewport by Dick Berry - email

OREGON (WTOL) - An Oregon farmer is devastated after watching his business burn to the ground. It happened in the 7100 block of Cordouroy Rd.

His barn caught on fire killing the livestock inside.

Flames from the barn fire could be seen from miles around. A big concern of firefighters was to keep the blaze from spreading to an adjacent house 50 feet away where four people lived.

Crews doused the home with water as explosions rocked the burning barn. "Well, obviously it's a pole building, a barn structure. Gonna have different types of pressure containers, paint cans, propane."

By dawn, crews remained spraying down hot spots. The intense heat melted siding on the house and broke out windows. Inside the barn, hundreds of livestock died including chickens, ducks, rabbits, goats, and geese.

Prakash Thombre raised the animals to sell to local grocery stores and restaurants. He tells News 11, "Last night at 11:00, went to bed -- nothing. At 12:00, I woke up, saw fire, ran out to put it out. It suddenly engulfed everything. I rushed to save the animals."

Some animals survived the inferno. Still, Thombre is devastated. "You can recover financially, but not emotionally because these animals you are very tied to. Like part of the family. It's very devastating."

No people were hurt in the blaze. The cause remains under investigation. Despite the devastation, Thombre plans to rebuild his business.