EcoTrack 11: Junk company recycles 60% of items

Report by Tara Hastings - email

(WTOL) - Jeff Giblin is loading up what many people see as junk. He sees it as business.

"They don't know what to do with it. They don't want to throw it out or get rid of it. Some of the items they want to throw out, but the refuse companies won't take it," says Giblin.

Which is why two and a half years ago he created 1-877 LUV JUNK.

His company picks up unwanted items from homes and businesses like wood pallets on the trip we took with him.

The charge isn't how many hours it takes to get rid of your junk but how much space your junk takes up. The bigger the better because Jeff may be wearing an orange uniform, but his trucks are green. And so is business.

Jeff calculates about 60% of all the items he picks up are recycled or donated. All that stuff isn't going into a landfill, which makes this a green business. "Honestly when we started, we didn't think that would be the case. We thought most of it would be junk," he says.

If some items are nice enough, he'll donate them to Goodwill.

It's a small surprise he didn't expect but is happy he's going green. "We know we're helping out the environment, and there's such a major need for it."

A need to be junk free... one truck load at a time.