Minimum wage goes up in Ohio

Report by Mika Highsmith - email | bio

(WTOL) - The new year is bringing in some new money for Ohio minimum wage workers.

On January 1, 2009, the minimum wage will be increased for tipped and non tipped employees at all businesses that gross more that $267,000 per year.

It's the job Kelsey Allen does every day. She takes orders, delivers the food and clears tables.

On January 1, along with serving different customers, Allen's getting a change in pay. "I'm very excited. A couple dollars more a pay check helps a lot for me."

Statewide, the hourly minimum wage for employees who receive tips is now $3.65 cents per hour, up 15 cents.

That's great news for Allen. "It's hard to pay rent these days. It's surprising news. I'm happy."

For non-tipped workers like Aaron Cousino, His $7-an-hour wage just increased to $7.30. "I think it's great... Extra money."

It may cost the employer more, but Chad Chamoun from Charlie's Restaurant says the raise for employees could mean more sales. "It will cost more, but hopefully it will bring in more money -- giving people on min wage more to spend."

People like Allen and Cousino, who are struggling in this economy will soon have some extra cash to start the new year. "Depending on how much I work, it could be $5 more a paycheck. It's a big deal for me. That's a lot more gas."

If you work for a business that grosses less than $267,000 a year, don't worry. Your minimum wage will increase to $7.25-per-hour on July 24th.