UPDATED--City of Toledo issues additional layoff notices

Reported by Colleen Wells email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - The City of Toledo will lay off just over 1,000 non-safety workers, effective Feb. 13.

City spokesperson Jason Webber says road crews could be called back if there is snow.

"It won't be fun for anyone involved, but I don't think its an end of the world scenario," Webber said. "Clearly the layoffs are painful; no one enjoys this. I wish we didn't have to lay off anybody, but I also know that we only have X amount of dollars to work with, and that really is the only solution left."

Councilman George Sarantou says a weeklong layoff could save the city $2.5 million. But Councilman Michael Ashford is not as supportive.

"Taxpayers have already paid for their services. They expect nothing more, nothing less. And this is a surprise, not only to them, but to me, that he would go that far," Ashford said of Mayor Finkbeiner's decision.

Webber says the mayor hopes a temporary near citywide shutdown will avoid permanent layoffs down the road.

From a City of Toledo news release:

Additional layoff notices were sent out today to City of Toledo employees, announcing a Citywide layoff, affecting all non-Safety Service employees. This layoff will begin on Friday, February 13. All layoff and recall procedures relating to the City's union contracts will be scrupulously followed.

Jason Webber
City of Toledo
Public Information Officer

The decision will affect slightly more than 1,000 workers, News 11 has been told. And if a deal to retain refuse workers can't be reached, that number will grow to about 1,200.

News 11 and WTOL.com will provide more details as they become available.