Galloping garbage problems, Batman, where's the pickup service?

Call 11 for Action problem solver Mika Highsmith
Call 11 for Action problem solver Mika Highsmith
Reported by Mika Highsmith email
Posted by Kate Oatis email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Two weeks! That's just way too long for garbage bags to be sitting on the street catching dust and dander.

And, sure enough, Thomas Muenzer is just one of the residents on the 200 block of Parkwood in the Old West End fed up with the city's apparent lack of attention to this pesky problem.

He says he puts his bags out every Thursday for the Friday pickup. But the city hasn't been picking them up.

"Nothing got picked up except for the cans," Muenzer said.

Indeed, 10 bags have been on the street for the last two weeks, he says.

When he calls for answers, Muenzer says he gets "either an answering machine or no one does anything about it."

Well, Mika called the Division of Solid Waste and the superintendent said the bags will be picked up.