Ice creates slippery situation in South Toledo

Reported by Tanieya Lewis -

Posted by Nick Dutton - email

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The ice is exposing a slippery situation in South Toledo neighborhood. If you drive down Corinth Street, north of Wentern Avenue, you may not get out. But, neighbors are taking matters into their own hands.

Corinth Street was inclined to trouble this Christmas. Morning sleet has left the road covered in ice. And on a slanted street the ice is so thick, there's no traction at all and cars are sliding.

"People are trying to get down and they're sliding and stuff. And there was a car turned sideways blocking the whole road," says Allen Mullins.

"There were people sliding up and down the street last night. We did five cars last night. Four of them were stuck there again. And it's just ridiculous," says Greg Canales.

Mullins thought there was going to be a terrible accident.

Canales says it's like a waterpark. "You take one step and you'll fall."

So the neighbors are working together to chip away at the problem.

"I helped him out. He helped me out. We helped people push up and down the street. It's just bad," says Canales.

"Me and my son, Tony, we've been digging out, and our neighbors come outside and help us," says Richard Calopietro.

It's hard work as the ice is at least two inches thick. The layers of rain, snow and this morning's sleet packed into a slippery sheet.

The residents want to know where's the salt.

City trucks are supposed to clear uneven streets after storms. Cynthia Rafferty says she has been calling for days. She says the response is a cold one.

"We'll put you on the list. We'll get to you when we can. We're backed up. I mean, how backed up can they be, they're right on Byrne Road," says Rafferty.