Gas turned on for the holidays

"I came in one time, and it was 32 degrees," Rick Jackson says.
"I came in one time, and it was 32 degrees," Rick Jackson says.
Report by Mika Highsmith - email | bio

(WTOL) - They've been living without heat for almost two weeks.

It all started when they tried to switch their gas service into their names but missed their appointment.

For the last two weeks, Rick Jackson has only been able to go in and out. He stops in to check the pipes. Without gas, the current temperature inside is 41.8 degrees. That's not nearly as bad as it has been. "I came in one time, and it was 32 degrees," he says.

It's way to cold to live here with a 2-year-old child without heat or hot water. "We can't do dishes. I have a bunch of laundry I can't do," Jackson says.

When it's this cold, things could get much worst fast. So Jackson is running the water and warming his pipes.

Jackson and his roommate tried to switch their Columbia Gas service into their names but missed the appointment. "They told me I'd have to wait until the day after Christmas," says Jackson.

So Problem Solver Mika Highsmith got involved and check out this early Christmas gift. Mika showed up and said, "They're coming today."

"Are they really? Oh God, give me hug. That's awesome. That's so cool," Jackson tells her.

Problem solved

Columbia Gas went to Jackson's house about a half an hour after Mika called, so he didn't even have to wait long. Now, his gas is back on.