Holiday garbage schedule changing Jan 1

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Instead of trash collection based on the days of the week, the city of Toledo's implementing the "Leap Forward Plan." Even though it begins January 2, many Toledoans are unaware this change is happening.

Rosalind Jones tells us "No, I didn't know this was coming."

Here's how it will work. There's going to be five different color-coded schedules, and trash will no longer be picked up on Saturdays during the weeks that have a holiday. The reason is to cut down on overtime.

Here are the color-coded schedules. If your pick-up day right now is:

  • Monday, you'll be on the yellow schedule
  • Tuesday green schedule
  • Wednesday orange schedule
  • Thursday blue schedule
  • Friday red schedule 

2009 Color-coded collection schedule 

Then following the New Year's Day holiday, everyone's collection gets bumped back a day. That will be your pick-up day until Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Then it gets bumped back yet another day.

Residents are worried this will cause collection chaos. "As I review that schedule with as many holidays as we have and the changing of the colors... the days, it's going to be really difficult. It's going to create a lot of problems," says Joe Martin.

Linda Martin says, "I think it's a little confusing, but if we get something from the city informing us of the days we'll be able to follow it."

That's the key according to people we spoke with... getting informed. "I appreciate what the city's trying to do as far as the economy goes," says Liz Watson.

As far as recyclables, they'll still be collected every other week.

TRASH HOTLINE: (419) 245-1494
From the city of Toledo web site:

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Starting January 1, 2009 the City of Toledo will introduce a new holiday refuse and recycling collection system, which will affect all citizens of Toledo.

The system is designed and has proven to save money.

With the new LEAP FORWARD system everyone's collection day will leap forward one business day after each holiday thus resulting in NO HOLIDAY OR WEEKEND COLLECTION of refuse and recycling.

It will work like this:

After each city observed holiday your trash collection day will shift ahead to the next business day. It will then stay there and remain your collection day until after the next holiday. After the next holiday the schedule will again "LEAP" ahead another business day. This will repeat 13 times for all city observed holidays in the year.

For Example: 

Our first "LEAP" day is Thursday, January 1, 2009. All trash collection days will "LEAP" forward one day and will remain your collection day until after the next holiday, which is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on January 19, 2009. After that holiday, all trash collection days will once again leap forward and remain there until the next holiday and so on.


After each holiday, your trash collection day will leap forward to the next business day and stay there until after the next holiday. NO HOLIDAY OR WEEKEND COLLECTION!

To make it easy to remember, your collection day will be associated with a permanent color. The color is assigned based on your old system collection day. Your color WILL NEVER CHANGE. As long as you remember your color, you will always be able to track your collection day by checking our calendars or calling the Refuse Hotline.

For RECYCLING, "A" customers will now be "1" and "B" customers will now be "2".
If you are not sure if you are A or B, please check the COLLECTION ROUTES MAP  or call 419-936-2510.


Finally, you can check your collection days for the entire 2009 by viewing the calendar below.