He just wants Santa to pay off his debt

Ian Waddell owes just $18 more on his beloved snowboard.
Ian Waddell owes just $18 more on his beloved snowboard.
Reported by Lauren Lowrey email
Posted by Kate Oatis email

PERRYSBURG (WTOL) - You hear a lot of Christmas wishes from kids this time of year, but one 6th-grader in Perrysburg has quite an adult wish: He wants to get out of debt.

"I asked for Santa to pay off my debt," Ian Waddell said, referring to the debt he incurred when he bought a snowboard. "There was a sale at the store, and me and my dad went there. I had to convince him to buy it for me. And then, now, I have to pay off my debt."

The snowboard was on sale for $140, and Ian has worked for the last month to pay it off. Now, he's just $18 away -- and he's asking Santa to cover the rest.

"I was a little skeptical at first about how it would go. But he worked hard to pay off his debt. He detailed four of our friends' cars, and he babysat, and cleaned. It was a good lesson that you have to work for what you want," said Ian's mother, Michelle.

Christopher Muller, Ph.D., agrees. Muller is a family counselor who says giving kids a little responsibility in these tough times will go a long way.

"The increase in privileges follows the increase in responsible behavior," said Muller. "I think it teaches the child to be faithful to his agreements -- even when circumstances change -- if he manages the things that are in his control."

Ian is apparently managing this thing that is in his control, and that is to make sure he pays back all the money. He's staying positive that Santa will clear his $18 debt after he's worked so hard to cover the first $122.