Local guardian gets probation after death of niece

Naomi Campbell
Naomi Campbell
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TOLEDO (WTOL) - "I will get through this by the grace of God," says Naomi George.

The 71-year-old finally gets to tell her story to the judge. "I'm awful, awful sorry that she died the way she did."

Police arrested George in April of this year after the death of her niece, 52-year-old Lorna George.

Due to a medical condition, Lorna had been bed-ridden since age three in their Ridgewood St. home.  "When her mom left her and deserted her. Yes ma'am, yes judge, it was difficult to take care of a child like that, but I did it in love," George says through tears.

Because of a lack of medical attention in recent years, Lorna died due to malnutrition, dehydration and a number of bed sores that rotted to her bone.

The coroner says, "The hair on her head was rubbed off because she laid in the position for so long."

George says, "She did have little itty bitty sores like that, but I cleared them up."

George's attorney says Naomi is disabled herself, has been diagnosed with borderline retardation. The attorney says when Lorna's conditioned worsened, she didn't know to call 911.

Prosecutor Jeff Lingo says, "There is no excuse for not picking up the phone and making a call."

The judge told George, "You were two lost souls out there and left alone," and issued no prison time.

A family member of George says, "She has taken care of her, never married, never had any of the outside enjoyment."

So she might enjoy her remaining years with her family watching over her.