EcoTrack 11: Ohio in 100 years

Report by Lauren Lowrey - email

(WTOL) - What could change in 100 years? In a report released Wednesday, December 17 called "What's at Stake," the group Environment Ohio claims that in 100 years, "Ohioans can anticipate changes to virtually all aspects of Ohio due to global warming."

The report lists more extreme rainfall, higher levels of smog and a falling shoreline on Lake Erie as just some of the effects in the next 100 years if carbon emissions go unchecked.

Members of the group also say beech, maple, ash, and other hard woods that currently dominate Ohio's forests may fall prey to shifting weather patterns and increased air pollution. Warmer temperatures would mean longer life for pests that eat away at trees, which would eventually weaken and kill them.

Aside from the aesthetic effect is the loss to the timber industry. They say all of these industries combined generate over $126 billion to our economy and keep more than 1.9 million jobs here in Ohio. It's all of these industries that will be effected and impacted by global warming.

Their message today was a call for action. They want to change what could be Ohio's future. They say these changes are not inevitable. "We can stop climate change. We have the power. We have the research. We have the knowledge. What we've lacked is political and personal will," says David Maywhoor with Buckeye Forest Council.

Lucinda Hohmann with Environmental Ohio says, "Environment Ohio encourages President Elect Obama and the new Congress, specifically Congresswoman Kaptur to enact a Green Economic Recovery Plan that makes critical investments in clean energy and green infrastructure to help rebuild the economy and protect our environment."

They hope it will deliver the economic boost northwest Ohio needs.