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Wall Stabilization

StablWallTM is a foundation repair and wall bracing system that has been used in the aerospace, industrial, medical and transportation industries for over 25 years. StablWall'sTM reinforced carbon fiber technology has proven that it can hold up to an immense amount of pressure and increase the strength of steel and concrete. This material has been proven to provide foundation repair that lasts.

These 2mm thick sheets of carbon fiber are as thin as a dime. They are engineered to be remarkably strong and will not bend, stretch or crack- even under 10x normal pressure. StablWallTM fibers are stabilized with epoxy that permanently binds them to each other and to the foundation wall. Once installation is complete, your home's foundation is locked in place- eliminating cracking or bowing problems.

StablWallTM has several advantages over traditional foundation repair methods such as wall anchors and steel beams. These advantages include:

  • One-time, non evasive solution
  • Easy installation process- no large crews, long construction time or massive clean up
  • No loss of living space
  • No excavation is not necessary
  • No maintenance
  • Nearly invisible to the naked eye

A weakened foundation should be corrected immediately to prevent further damage and maintain the value of a home. A secure foundation is one of the most important elements of your home and should be properly reinforced. StablWallTM is the foundation repair system that will provide a long term and indestructible solution.

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