Woodville frets over crossing light controversy

Reported by Justin Michaels email
Posted by Kate Oatis email

WOODVILLE (WTOL) - Woodville residents have safety concerns about the removal of a traffic light located at Elm St. and US 20, which happens to be right where the Solomon Lutheran School sits.

The light has been hanging there controlling traffic since Jan. 29, 1959. But, because it's no longer under compliance of the State of Ohio's traffic codes, come Spring, it'll come down.

O-DOT has ordered Woodville to take the traffic signals down despite the fact they're stopping traffic at an intersection children use to cross US 20. Several students do walk home from school and do need to cross US 20 to get home so the concern is, without the light, students will have to fend for themselves against some pretty heavy traffic.

O-DOT says they have a way to offer safety while still allowing traffic to flow and are looking into options like LED cross lighting that could be installed.

Regardless, the old signal is coming down in the Spring.