UT president announces layoffs

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - University of Toledo president Lloyd Jacobs announced on Monday that 100 temporary workers will be laid off. No fulltime staff or faculty will be affected, he said.

Layoff notices will start coming in Tuesday for dozens of employees at the University of Toledo. And more jobs may be in jeopardy. It looks like this may not be the last round of cuts.

With Ohio heading towards a shortfall in the billions of dollars, more and more jobs are on the line at the state's universities.

That has UT students increasingly worried about the quality of their education and how they will pay for it.

"This will not be fun, there will be layoffs," said University Of Toledo President Dr. Lloyd Jacobs.

That was the headline from Jacobs' town hall meeting this afternoon.

At least 100 temporary employees will lose their jobs because of a downturn in the economy and drop in revenue from the state.

Faculty and student temporary workers are not part of the layoff. That's good news for student senate member Mark D'Apolito.

"I think as students and staff and everybody sees the budget crunch, they are going to want to work a little bit harder to be a little bit more productive each day and contribute as much as possible to the university," said D'Apolito.

But Jacobs also told his audience that there's a big unknown out there. The state budget.

He says Governor Strickland recently told him there could be a 7 billion dollar shortfall in fiscal year 2009 and cuts in state funding for the university would likely mean additional and wide ranging layoffs.

"We don't know where this thing will end do we? And we may end up with a major and fundamental restructuring being required of us," said Jacobs.

That's something students like Mark are trying to avoid.

Especially with the two year freeze in tuition increases. That's likely to end next year.

"But it's likely to be a two to three percent increase, which I think is going to put a squeeze on some students that are already financially squeezed," said D'Apolito.