My $45,000 home addition is falling apart

The addition leaks to a point of collapsing.
The addition leaks to a point of collapsing.
Report by Mika Highsmith - email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - She paid to have an addition built on her house two years ago. It looked great, but she started having problems. Now it's falling apart.

"My mother has Alzheimer's," Vicky Swan tells us. In order to keep a close eye on her, Vicky thought the best bet was to move her mother in.

She had an addition built to double her mother's space providing some extra comfort.

But Swan says since it was built about two years ago, it leaks every time it rains.

Last Tuesday, her plan to protect her mother actually put mom in harms way. "My mother was trying to go through there, and it fell on her."

Luckily her mother wasn't harmed.

After paying a hefty price of 45,000, Swan has taken a huge hit.

The contractor doesn't pick up when she calls. "Because of my mothers condition, I have to take care of her, and its just awful that he wont cooperate."

Mika called the contractor. He said the job was done two years ago and suggested Swan read her contract. He says if she wants work done, she'd have to pa. Then he hung up on Mika. The lesson learned here is to know what is in your contract and get the work inspected to make sure it's done right.